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Welcome To SITA NGO, Baripada

Social Improvement for Tribal Agency evolved in the year 2008 as a self-reliant NGO of the Tribal’s. It is one of the leading Voluntary organizations of Mayurbhanj District. Working in Baripada, Suliapada, Shamakhunta,Badshahi ,Bangriposi ,Chandua,muruda, Betnoti,khunta and Rasagobindpur Block since 2006 . Focusing on the socio-economic development of the marginalized Tribal communities in the Block.

After long standing social service of 8 years, SITA came to the conclusion to start one self-reliant, self-propitiating NGO of the Tribal’s, paving the paths for their own development taking the self-reliant peoples- centered initiatives , with a prime aim to improve the socio-economic withstand of the tribal’s in the Block.

To establish a strong and self –propitiating peoples self rule among the tribal of organizations of Baripada , Suliapada, Shamakhunta,Badshahi ,Bangriposi ,Chandua,muruda, Betnoti,khunta and Rasagobindpur Block prioritizing the need on the socio-economic –betterment and empowerment of the community , enhancing sustainable livelihood options, with accessing to and control over the resources.

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